Monday, September 9, 2013

A new collection of Adidas running shoes 2013

A new collection of Adidas sneakers 2013 – this is the most unusual line of shoes, which was presented in recent months. Outset that variations on the classical model of Stan Smith released as a charity lots, selling them will not, but do not write about this shoe was impossible.

A new collection of Adidas sneakers designed in 2013 by famous people, and after six days will go under the hammer. A pair of sports shoes, which is named after a famous tennis player Stan Smith has already become a classic: white sneakers with bright green backdrop recognizable worldwide. Now concise model gave new meaning. Naomi Campbell has made the tabs in the form of images of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary ( title picture), Elton John presented a model that march on its bright stage jackets.

Adidas Stan Smith is in each collection, regardless of the season, the price of a conventional pair is about $ 90, but for the author's model is now in full swing trades. At the time of this writing, the most expensive pair – sneakers from Sir Elton John, for which fans are willing to pay £1,000. At 100 pounds behind a pair of Kate Moss. The supermodel did not split hairs with the design and adorned monochrome white sneakers bulky neon letters that make up her name.

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