Sunday, September 1, 2013

TOP 5 most popular brands of Italian shoes

If the spirits - that the French, if the technique - that the German, but if the shoe - it is only from Italy! The whole world has recognized the quality of Italian shoes and over the centuries, no one can beat the Italians in skill.

In Italy, there are about 8,000 shoe factories. They differ in terms of output, in addition, not all of them became famous outside of their country. The modern buyer is unlikely to buy shoes unknown brand, traditionally, it is interested exclusively branded shoes. After all, the qualified name is not only fashionable and stylish, this is one hundred percent guarantee of quality. Below we offer you a list of the 5 most famous Italian brands.

1. Tod's

Italian brand Tod's has become famous worldwide for leather moccasins on the company's sole Gommino with 133 studs. The brand's founder Diego Della Valle created them impressed by the shoe racers 70s. Shoes made ​​in the style of casual and perfect for everyday wear. Also in the range Tod's is an elegant and shoes for special occasions. Fans of the brand Tod's is Drew Barrymore, Uma Thurman, Penelope Cruz, Julia Roberts and others less well-known stars.

2. A.Testoni

Ostrich leather shoes, iguanas, crocodiles or calf can offer you brand A.Testoni. The use of rare and precious materials and distinguishes the brand from the thousands of other manufacturers. Special manufacturing techniques make their shoes one of the most comfortable in the world. In addition, A.Testoni - this is the only brand that does not have a Chinese fakes, because the rulers of the Middle Kingdom prefer this brand. The products are mainly made ​​in classic style.

3. Sergio Rossi

Exclusivity - the highlight of shoes from Sergio Rossi. All models of the famous Italian fashion designer created taking into account the anatomy of women's feet, so that the sandals and boots will look equally elegant and stylish.

4. Giovanni Fabiani

Giovanni Fabiani - it's a classic style, the anatomical shape and the lack of screaming parts. Due to strict design and maximum comfort shoes of this brand has won millions of fans around the world. Founded in 1971 by a small manufactory in decades turned into a full-fledged company that today produces three lines of fashionable footwear: «Sara Kent», «Fabiani» and «Giovanni Fabiani».

5. Geox

«Shoe that breathes» In practice, in the truest sense of the word. In the soles have holes through which the foot is ventilation. To prevent moisture from getting inside, the holes are protected by special material, which passes steam and air. However, he is impervious to water. In addition to functionality, shoes Geox has an amazing Italian style.

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